Do you value your partner?

When you first met you loved the characteristics in each other.  Those things that made each of you special. Over time it's so easy to lose sight of the differences in each of us that make us special and to lose sight of the value those differences bring. Are you one of those who want to solve … [Read more...]

Use Language to Focus You

Did you know that the language you use to talk to yourself will create your focus.  This applies in ALL situations and ALL the time. In today's post I want you to transform your day by the language you use.  I want you to: Use language to focus you So what do I mean?  So often we create our own … [Read more...]

Your window of opportunity

There is a window of opportunity to save a marriage or long-term relationship when one or both of you starts to question the validity of your partnership and whether you wish to stay together.  This won't happen for both of you at the same time.  Why?  Because each and every one of us is a unique … [Read more...]

You ARE special

Everyone is special in their own unique way. That includes you.  You ARE special. It's so easy to look at others and believe they are more intelligent, prettier, more handsome, funnier, more empathetic.... than you are. However we all have gifts, abilities and strengths -  there will be some … [Read more...]

Build resentments and your relationship will die

When couples finally seek help they have frequently already built a stack of resentments against their partner. They arrive in my sessions with their list of resentments which they have each created for themselves over the months and years. These resentments have taken hold in their … [Read more...]