Do you know how to repair your relationship

Knowing what to do to repair your relationship  is a key skill for a long-lasting, loving and successful future.  One which grows from those moments when one or both of you feels misunderstood, not respected or unloved. So many couples I see come to me with a belief that a relationship which started so passionately should either remain so with little or no effort.  Or - and this is almost worse - that passion dies over time and 'that's life'. But part of them knows life doesn't have to be … [Read more...]

Do you value your partner?

When you first met you loved the characteristics in each other.  Those things that made each of you special. Over time it's so easy to lose sight of the differences in each of us that make us special and to lose sight of the value those differences bring. Are you one of those who want to solve problems, sort them out and move on, or do you want to stop and discuss, consider and look for several solutions before making your mind up. Do you value your partner? How you deal with the … [Read more...]

Use Language to Focus You

Did you know that the language you use to talk to yourself will create your focus.  This applies in ALL situations and ALL the time. In today's post I want you to transform your day by the language you use.  I want you to: Use language to focus you So what do I mean?  So often we create our own problems by how we talk to ourselves.  Our use of language has a direct impact on our emotional state - from day to day, hour to hour, minute to minute and second to second.  Our focus becomes the … [Read more...]

Your window of opportunity

There is a window of opportunity to save a marriage or long-term relationship when one or both of you starts to question the validity of your partnership and whether you wish to stay together.  This won't happen for both of you at the same time.  Why?  Because each and every one of us is a unique human being with a unique view on any moment or issue. However, that being said there are many similarities and factors that re-occur time and time again.  As a coach I see these ever day in my … [Read more...]

You ARE special

Everyone is special in their own unique way. That includes you.  You ARE special. It's so easy to look at others and believe they are more intelligent, prettier, more handsome, funnier, more empathetic.... than you are. However we all have gifts, abilities and strengths -  there will be some thing you are brilliant at which leaves those around you in awe - but to you comes as 2nd nature! It's easy to see it in others isn't it.....  The brilliant business man, the wonderful singer, the … [Read more...]