To admit you need help is a good thing

So many couples leave seeking help until it's almost too late. Frequently many don't want to admit to each other that they don't have the answers. We believe that we should be able to resolve our issues ourselves. This is all well and good if you can.  But what happens if you don't have the tools to do so?  Attempting to solve your problems from the wrong place can often make matters worse. On Friday this week there was an article in the Daily Telegraph headed "Michelle is right, we all … [Read more...]

Which are you doing?

Relationships require positive action to keep them alive and passionate.  The problem most couples with relationship problems have is they don't know  which actions are positive, good ones and which are negative, bad ones. Men and women communicate in different ways and not understanding this and mis-interpreting what they are saying, can lead you into a mine-field of problems. My Question to you in today's post is: Which are you doing? Here are a few actions you may be taking which … [Read more...]

Differences are key

One of the problems I hear time and time again in my sessions are complaints that "my partner doesn't see life the same way as I do".  They don't behave in situations as you would do.  So clearly he or she is not compatible with me. Guess what.  Why should they see life the way you do.  They aren't you!  Just because they see things differently doesn't mean they are wrong..... or right. Learning how to understand and appreciate each other is key.  Understanding each other's differences is … [Read more...]

Give your relationship an emotional present

When you hit a crisis in your marriage or relationship it is easy to believe that nothing can be solved.  All you may want to do is to 'run for cover'. The world can feel as if it is spinning out of control and that you are powerless to do anything about it..  Events have taken over your life and now you feel scared and lost.  Stuck in a place of horror and emotional confusion. This is especially true if you are facing betrayal by your partner. Today I am asking you to take a leap of … [Read more...]

Commitment is key

All relationships will hit difficult times.  Those that not only survive but grow from those difficult times are the ones where both partners commit to growing - never mind what. Commitment is key So what do I mean by this?  What do you have to do when you find your relationship no longer makes you happy. When you believe you've done everything in your power to make it right. When you discover your partner has cheated on you. When you wonder if you actually love your partner. When you feel so … [Read more...]