Do you know how to solve your problems?

Today I'm asking those who are suffering from relationship problems "Do you know how to solve them?" You see unless you understand what the problems really are then you can spend a lot of time fruitlessly going round and round trying to resolve the wrong things. If your partner has withdrawn … [Read more...]

Is fear destroying your relationship?

Fear can turn a normally loving person into someone totally different.  They can start behaving in ways they've never behaved before and not how they would normally act. Gone is the loving, kind and gentle person you knew and now you're faced with someone you don't recognise. If your … [Read more...]

The Weak Walk – The Strong Discover

"I love you, but I'm not in love with you" When your partner tells you this or you feel it yourself the chances are this is a feeling that hasn't occurred overnight but has been developing over some months, or even years. The person still cares but the spark has gone.  As far as the individual … [Read more...]

Are arguments killing your passion for each other

We all argue!   In fact arguments are a sign we care, that we do feel passionate. But arguments can become destructive. Especially if you both 'fight' to be 'right'.  If you both have to be the winner or one of you concedes purely for an easy life then problems won't be far off, as now you're … [Read more...]

Is your relationship suffering from role reversal?

If this is the case then your marriage/relationship could well be suffering. Generally speaking a man's primary desire is to protect, care and cherish his woman.  Most women will need this to enable them to be the woman they're designed to be, to feel safe and secure and so allow them to be … [Read more...]