How do you think about your partner?

When you think about your partner what comes to mind?   What do you focus on? One of the most important questions you can ask yourself is “What do I want from my relationship?” You now need to be absolutely honest with yourself. Write down the answers as they flash into your mind.  It … [Read more...]

Close down the pain then you close down the love

Did you know that if you close down the pain then you close down the love? I see many clients who tell me they feel nothing.  No love for their partner, no love or feelings for their family.  "Nothing much at all really" Because if you close down the pain you also down the love.  You enter an … [Read more...]

Have courage to believe in your future

When a relationship hits crisis believing you still have a future together seems almost impossible.  You can feel you've lost all courage and hope for the future you once planned and expected to live. The frame of mind you are now in can have a profound effect on the answers you'll get to the … [Read more...]