Are you aware of how you talk to yourself?

It is important to be aware of how you to talk to yourself.  So many people I see in my sessions have created a method of talking themselves which doesn't serve them.  So what do I mean by that. If you feed yourself negative words then you will experience negative emotions. For example: … [Read more...]

Clarity is key

Couples who come to my sessions are frequently confused, hurt and lost.  Lost with how to solve their issues and looking for clarity - clarity that their current feelings are true. Clarity is Key A couple came to see me recently convinced their relationship was over but looking for confirmation … [Read more...]

Who is most important to you?

My question today is "Who is most important to you in your home?" When I ask this question in my sessions I'm frequently told - the children! So if you feel less important to your partner than your children how does that make you feel. A husband told me recently that he felt 'the bottom of … [Read more...]

Protecting yourself may not be the answer

First of all let me be clear if you are in a long-term physically violent relationship - this does NOT apply to you.  If this is you then - protect yourself and get out fast. Now that is clear what do I mean by Protecting yourself and why may it not be the answer. When a relationship has … [Read more...]

Your beliefs are important

Without being completely aware of all the why, when or how, we have all created beliefs as we have grown into adults. They are important.  They form part of the structure of how we deal with life. Your beliefs are important However your partner's beliefs are equally important and valid to them … [Read more...]