Couples Therapy: Improve Your Relationship

Clients who attend my couples therapy sessions come to me with a myriad of issues.  Each couple is unique but many of the challenges they face are similar. In the years that I have been helping couples I have seen many similar patterns of behaviour.  These behavioural patterns have not served … [Read more...]

Why raking over the past is not a good idea

A number of clients who seek my help arrive wanting to go over and over what's happened in the past - sometimes in minute detail.  What has happened is important but repeatedly raking over past arguments or other negative events will only trigger the emotions you felt at the time. We all attach … [Read more...]

Couples who Succeed take Action

It is very easy for couples facing relationship issues to do nothing and adopt one of the following: take a 'fingers crossed' approach and hope that the problems will miraculously disappear keep discussing the same issues and end up with circular arguments which repeat and get you nowhere … [Read more...]