My partner doesn’t believe in getting help

Sometimes one partner is not ready to get help with their marriage or relationship issues. If this is you and your partner doesn't want to attend a session with me then don't worry, it can be extremely helpful to attend on your own. By learning how men and women work differently and use different language styles you will have new ways to interact with your partner.  This will create new responses and, in many cases, solve the issues. Or it can help create curiosity for the other partner … [Read more...]

Do you grow from conflict?

Conflict - that scary word for some signals failure Many of the couples who I see in my sessions are dealing with conflict on a daily basis.  Arguments that go round and round in circles and leave both of them exhausted, bewildered and hurt. So how do you benefit or grow from conflict?  Is it really possible. The answer to this is Yes it is possible.  But only if you understand the root cause of the issue rather than the usual assumption that the subject of the argument is the … [Read more...]

Divorce rates are rising amongst the over 60s

A report in today's papers reveals that the over 60s are divorcing in record numbers. Many factors are causing this, amongst them are: Longer life expectancy Divorce is no longer a stigma Wish to have new adventures in retirement Financial security means that splitting won't be so financially devastating Yes all the above have their place.  However the actual losses can be underestimated in the rush to create a 'new life'. Loss of companionship Loss of finances - … [Read more...]