Successful Couples are doing this…..

The question I often here in my sessions is how come other couples are successful and we aren't? My job in helping couples out of crisis and into being a successful couple is to give them the tools to change their behaviours and reactions to each other - in an environment which is safe for … [Read more...]

Confront your real issues

Today I'm going to discuss the need to confront your real issues. These are so often not what you think they are! This is not about who last did the shopping. Who left the top of the toothpaste. Who failed to pick up their clothes from the floor.  Or any of the other niggling irritating things we … [Read more...]

What makes you extraordinary?

We all have gifts, abilities and strengths -  there will be some thing you are brilliant at which leaves those around you in awe - but to you comes as 2nd nature! It's easy to see it in others isn't it!  The brilliant business man, the wonderful singer, the amazing actor.....   and it's also very … [Read more...]

Values and Needs

Regardless of your situation or the problems you feel you have, one of the most important things to find out is what your values are and how these are met. This is why I devote a great deal of time to assisting my clients to find out what theirs are.  Until they are clear on what their top values … [Read more...]

Are you meeting each other’s needs

If your relationship is in crisis or not as passionate as you believe it should be then the chances are  you are not meeting each other's needs. Now,  you may think you are, but continuing doing what you have been doing is unlikely to improve things. Most men need to feel they're pleasing … [Read more...]