Clarity is key

Couples who come to my sessions are frequently confused, hurt and lost.  Lost with how to solve their issues and looking for clarity - clarity that their current feelings are true. Clarity is Key A couple came to see me recently convinced their relationship was over but looking for confirmation … [Read more...]

Be Kind to your Partner

Today I want to ask you this question: "Are you being kind to your Partner?".  I am sure when you both met you were wonderfully kind to your partner.  You loved and cherished those moments you had together; you listened to their life stories; you learnt about each other. If you are surfing my … [Read more...]

Keys for Success

Many couples who attend my sessions do not know how to be successful in their relationship.  They don't know the keys for success. My question to you today is do you know how to make your partner happy? Key for success No 1 Judge.  The answer here is simple.  Don't.  In a moment of conflict, … [Read more...]

Do you know how to repair your relationship

Knowing what to do to repair your relationship  is a key skill for a long-lasting, loving and successful future.  One which grows from those moments when one or both of you feels misunderstood, not respected or unloved. So many couples I see come to me with a belief that a relationship which … [Read more...]

Marry your future and divorce your past

So what do I mean by Marry your future and divorce your past? Couples who have relationship or marriage problems are frequently focusing on past behaviours.  This is the reason that arguments go round and round in circles and get nowhere.  Each person wants the other to change!  They want them to … [Read more...]