Take Action before it’s too late

Many couples leave taking action until it's too late. By that I mean those who leave the decision to the last moment when life has become almost intolerable and communication has all but collapsed.  They have explored most other avenues and the pain of where they are is so great that help becomes the final and last ditch solution. The fact that you're reading this means that part of you is already seeking a solution to your current issues. I'm not here to push you to the next step, more to … [Read more...]

Relationship Passion Killers

No one enters into a marriage or relationship with the intention of killing it.  However time and again I see couples who are destroying their relationship.   Understanding what a passion killer is is step one to creating a better relationship. Today I am focusing on three passion killers (there are more). Passion Killer Number One Judging your partner Passion Killer Number Two Mind reading.  Deciding what they are thinking.  You can't.  You are not in their head. Passion Killer Number … [Read more...]