How are you meeting your need to receive attention?

Today I am posing this question: "How are you meeting your need to receive attention?" I know this may sound a bit strange.  Rather demanding to some.  Rather scary to others.  However the fact is we all have a need to feel we are special. We are here for a reason.  We are important.  … [Read more...]

Be the one to take action

Many of the people who come to me for help believe that they are doing 'everything right' and it's their partner who has to change.  I am even told - rather too frequently - that they are prepared to change and take action,  but only if their partner changes first! So now they have put a … [Read more...]

Couples Struggle to keep the Passion Alive

So many couples struggle to keep the passion alive and have no clue how to solve their issues. They are unaware that their behaviours are making matters worse rather than better so continue down a path of 'destruction'.  The effect is bad for themselves as individuals and their … [Read more...]

Are you aware of how you talk to yourself?

It is important to be aware of how you to talk to yourself.  So many people I see in my sessions have created a method of talking themselves which doesn't serve them.  So what do I mean by that. If you feed yourself negative words then you will experience negative emotions. For example: … [Read more...]

Be in Harmony with your Partner

Being and living in harmony with your partner does not mean you have to be passive.   But living in harmony takes skill. A skill that's not taught in our schools!   A skill that some find by accident but one that so many don't.  A skill that should be taught, in the same way we are taught other … [Read more...]