Differences are key

One of the problems I hear time and time again in my sessions are complaints that "my partner doesn't see life the same way as I do".  They don't behave in situations as you would do.  So clearly he or she is not compatible with me. Guess what.  Why should they see life the way you do.  They aren't you!  Just because they see things differently doesn't mean they are wrong..... or right. Learning how to understand and appreciate each other is key.  Understanding each other's differences is … [Read more...]

Valuing your differences is key to relationship success

Valuing your differences is so important in a relationship. When you first met you loved the special characteristics in each other.  However over time it is easy to lose sight of these special qualities and either become irritated, or resentful, that they are not like you  - or you attempt to become like them.  Now you are not being you.  And it was you being you that attracted your partner to you in the first place. Valuing your differences is key to relationship success For instance: … [Read more...]

Women – Understand your man!

This is one for the women who visit this site.  Though men it won't hurt for you to read it too! Women - do you understand your man and how his mind works? Men don't think the way we do!  OK I know you know that.  But did you know they are not supposed to? The male of the species which is us humans evolved from being hunters. They achieved this by being able to make big problems small and by solving matters as fast as possible so they could achieve their goal of bringing home … [Read more...]

Value the difference

How often have you wished that everyone saw the world the way you see it? It's all perfectly clear to you - what's right and what's wrong!   The world through your eyes seems perfectly logical and sensible to you. So when someone close suddenly comes up with a different way of seeing what's going on around you it can be surprising at best and scary at worst. It can be that surreal moment when your partner tells you that as far as they're concerned your future together is either over or … [Read more...]