Clinging to negative events might stop a positive future

Consider the title of this post.  Are you clinging to a negative event in your past?  If so what effect is it having on your future? People make mistakes In fact, it is said we learn the most when we fail, get it wrong or make a mistake. People also make mistakes in their interpretation of others' mistakes.  However, they cling to their interpretation and make it their truth. In a way it can keep themselves "safe".  This safety is a protection mechanism. It allows you to blame your … [Read more...]

Relationship success requires action

Today I want you to think about you.  You see for you to feel your relationship is a success, one way to help is to think in terms of relationship success. This may seem obvious but too many couples do the opposite.  They think in terms of relationship failure.  Their focus revolves around what is failing rather than what is succeeding. Relationship success requires action It requires you to take positive action to avoid the trap of stacking resentments.  So what do I mean by stacking … [Read more...]

Many couples fail to understand each other

Many couples fail to understand each other's language patterns and styles and as a result, fall into a trap. Couples and individuals, who attend sessions with me, are failing to communicate in a way the other understands.  Some believe they are communicating well but are actually misinterpreting each other's requests to connect.  This disconnection is scary and one or both of you can feel isolated. By failing to understand each other you can create a belief that your relationship has … [Read more...]

What makes a relationship passionate?

For a relationship to be passionate a couple needs to understand their differences.  A relationship works based on things you have in common.  Passion comes from your differences. So what do I mean by that? Men and women run a different model of the world.  They communicate differently and they have different needs and work from different energies.  Masculine and feminine energies. Both men and women have desires.  How those desires are met are different for the two sexes.  For women … [Read more...]

Should we get divorced?

This is a question I am frequently asked by couples and individuals when they first come to see me.  My answer is "I don't know yet and it is highly likely that you don't either" You see it's very easy to make the wrong choice when life is going badly and getting divorced can seem the logical answer - but it may not be. I am told by many that they have fallen out of love and that there is no chance of falling back in love - only to find a few weeks later that they have. This doesn't … [Read more...]