Successful Couples are doing this…..

The question I often here in my sessions is how come other couples are successful and we aren’t?

My job in helping couples out of crisis and into being a successful couple is to give them the tools to change their behaviours and reactions to each other – in an environment which is safe for them.

So today I’m going to give you a few pointers and hence the heading of today’s post

Successful Couples are doing this…..

  • They have learnt and have practised being open with each other.  Never mind how hard that is.   They have learnt how to listen and understand each other’s interpretation and map of the world
  • They have avoided blaming each other.  Rather than blame they have searched for the truth
  • They have shared goals.  They have a plan for their future together.
  • They have learnt the ability to respond openly in times of need. They have learnt and have taken Response-Ability for their part in their unique relationship with their partner
  • They have learnt how to be kind to each other at all times – even when it would appear that their partner’s words or actions seem hurtful.  They have learnt how to find the real truth rather than believe the presenting behaviour.
  • They have discovered how men and women communicate differently and so removed any assumptions on each other’s different communication styles.
  • They have been courageous when they are fearful for the future and taken positive steps in their desire to see their future in a new light.
  • They have learnt how to meet each other’s needs and how those needs need to be met.

For many couples these things have come naturally to them.  However for many it doesn’t.  Learning how to become a Successful Couple is vital for your future – be it with your current partner – or if that does prove to be impossible  – then with any future relationship.