Successful couples are doing this

Why do some couples succeed and others fail?  This is a question I am frequently asked by couples in my sessions.  Here are some examples of what successful couples are doing.

Successful couples are doing this…..

They have:

  • Learnt and then practised being open with each other.  Even in times of stress.
  • Never assumed their interpretation of the situation and how they feel is the same as their partner’s.
  • Avoided blaming each other.
  • Made giving love more important than being right.
  • Learnt how to collaborate rather than compromise.
  • Discovered how to meet each other’s needs.
  • Put each other first.  This includes before the children.

Successful couples also have a plan for their life together.  They have created goals and a relationship purpose.

For many couples these things have come naturally to them.  However for many it doesn’t.  Learning how to become a successful couple is vital for your future – be it with your current partner – or if that does prove to be impossible  – then with any future relationship.

The earlier in a relationship the couple finds out how to do this and become an unbreakable team, the easier it is for them to be successful in times of stress and conflict.

So many Holywood films end with the couple going off into the ‘sunset’ to live happily ever after.  We never see what happens next!

Love is the great driver in relationships – that feeling we give ourselves when we are with the person we love.  For love to last and strengthen then you need the tools to keep that passion alive.

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