She had become a nagger

A couple came to see me recently at breaking point.  She had become a nagger – and she knew she had. He had taken to either hiding in his study or going out with friends to avoid the onslaught.  Communication was becoming hostile.  Intimacy was all but dead.

What neither understood was why they were now behaving in ways which both of them hated.

She had a long list of his failings – which he could recite.  The problem he found was the nagging didn’t stop when he had tried to please her and ‘change’ to how she said she wanted him to be.

For him her nagging didn’t make any sense.  He had given up trying to please her as it appeared to make no difference.

She hated that she was now a nagger but believed it was the only way she could get through to him.

They had failed to understand that men and women communicate differently and have different needs.

And this is the crux of the issue.  Men and women’s brains function differently.  They function differently for a great number of very good reasons.  Understanding those reasons and how men and women communicate differently is the core of the problem and the solution.

For both individuals it is vital to understand how men and women function and then learn to appreciate those differences and how to communicate so you’ll be understood.

This couple worked with me over several weeks and have found a new level of contentment and happiness in their marriage they didn’t think was possible.

He no longer lives with a nagger and she has found a new connection with her husband.  One that works for both of them.

If you would like to learn how then please get in touch.  The answer to this dilemma is easy to learn and once learnt will stay with you for life, giving you the time to have fun and enjoy your future life together.