Relationships can suffer when other areas of your life aren’t working

Relationships can suffer badly when you have problems in other areas of your life.

Equally if your relationship is suffering then it can have a knock-on effect on your work or some other area of your life.

If this is happening to you then it is worth exploring all possibilities before making a decision which could effect your entire future and be the wrong one to make.

We all know when something isn’t right in our lives.  However everybody reacts differently to different circumstances.

This is where advice from others can be so damaging.  Frequently those who give us advice – from our nearest and dearest to friends, colleagues or other relatives – can be from their point of view.

You know the signs:

  • “In your shoes I would……..”
  • “You need to tell them they have to change to make it work…….”
  • etc etc

The problem with this type of advice is

  1. They’re not you
  2. They don’t know the full story
  3. They aren’t the other person

My work with individuals and couples focusses on each person in their own right.  I work with them so they can understand themselves at a deeper level and see what influences have had an impact on them.  This opens them up to other possibilities, other futures and other outcomes.

Relationships can suffer for a variety of reasons

Because your relationship is so emotional it is frequently the first to suffer.  Your emotional state will have a direct impact on the person you are with.  Now it becomes easy to blame that part of your life when it might be that the person you are with has not learnt how you need to be supported.

As I have said, many, many times on this blog, men and women have different emotional needs and as a result have different requirements on how they need to be supported.  So often we give support in the way we need rather than the way the other one needs.

Don’t let your relationship end for the wrong reasons.  If you are suffering right now then this is a call to action.  Action to find out the truth.  You may discover something that surprises you.