Nurture your Relationship to meet its needs

Life has to be nurtured to survive. So does your relationship.  In this day and age it is so easy to forget that.

Your relationship has needs too and must be nurtured

The problem is so many people today believe that good relationships should stay good without any further investment in them.  You met and fell in love.  That should be enough to sustain it – forever.  Then you discover it no longer feels right.

At this point it is so easy to create beliefs which justify walking away.

  • We have grown apart
  • Relationships shouldn’t have to be worked at
  • He/she doesn’t understand me
  • ………..  I could go on

Where is your Focus?

In most of these cases each individual is focusing on themselves.  The what about Me view.  This removes connection and understanding of what the other person needs.

We all have needs

Each individual has needs.

Every cell of your body has needs. The need for nourishment to enable it to function.

This creates a unique person who has needs.  The needs of that person will be unique to them.  Add to this that men and women are different and have different needs and different ways in how those needs need to be met and you begin to see how easy it is to lose connection and misunderstand your partner.  Then your relationship will suffer.  It is very easy to get it wrong.

Learn to nurture your relationship to meet its needs

Couples who come to my sessions discover how to to do this.  They learn how to meet each other’s needs and how to nurture their relationship.  This creates a stronger bond.  A bond which grows as they discover how to fuel it and care for it and each other, especially in times of difficulty.

If you would like to discover more then please contact me.