Men and Women Communicate Differently

Men and women communicate differently.  Nature and evolution designed us to do so. However recently society has dictated that we shouldn’t have to!

In the world of work, hobbies, etc there are not many problems.  Humans are communicators and we’ve learnt to communicate well.  As men and women we manage this reasonably effectively most of the time.

Where we fail is in our relationships

Once we bring emotions into communication, men and women struggle.  We communicate differently.

Men are direct communicators.  Nature and evolution designed them this way for a reason.  Women communicate in a much more indirect way.  They do this in their everyday lives and even more so with their partner when it comes to matters of the heart!

One aspect we all have in common is the fear of being mis-interpreted.  When you add in the fact that the sexes communicate differently then we can open up a minefield of mis-communication.  We can feel like we are each speaking a different language!

Couples struggle to understand each other due to these different communication styles.

When a woman communicates anger it is frequently because she is scared or insecure. Yes something made her irritated but the underlying cause is often something much deeper.  The man hears her anger as a complaint and can become defensive.  He may get angry too.  Now the issue escalates and both can end up shouting at each other and holding on to their original interpretation of the issue.

Men, how would it be if instead of getting defensive you decided to understand her emotional pain?  From this point of view you could become strong for her in the moment.  Instead of answering back – or fleeing to another room whilst you wait for her to become quiet – you heard her and felt her pain.  You gave her your strength.

Women, how would it be for you if you understood that he needs to feel he can succeed with you.  He needs to know he can fix problems and that you need him.

Just adopting these two views can make all the difference in a relationship.  Knowing how to do it and when takes a deep understanding in each other.

I cannot stress how important this is and how vital it is to know how to do it in your unique situation.

If this is how you feel and would like to learn more then please get in touch.  I cannot stress how important it is to take action sooner rather than later. The sooner you decide to solve your relationship issues the easier it is.  Leaving your future to chance is just that – A Chance.  The chance may not work the way you hope.