Many couples don’t know how to hear each other

Many couples I see have totally misunderstood their partner’s words and actions and when they do attempt to sit down and talk it through exacerbate the problems by failing to hear what their partner is actually saying.  Why?

Men and women communicate in different ways.  You could almost say they have a different language.  This is confusing because they are using words which each understand but the meaning behind those words is frequently very different.

From this place of pain, for both, their options for a happy future become less and less as each struggles to understand the other.


Arguments can escalate and finally one shuts down and closes the other out.

When couples argue it’s because they feel they’re not getting through to their partner.  One, or both of you,  can become defensive as you’re feeling attacked – this is totally natural and understandable but won’t help the situation.

Firstly I want you to assume that your partner’s intentions are never to hurt you. This may seem ludicrous if they’re hurling abuse at you.  But how would that abuse sound if you decided that the words and actions were because your partner was in great emotional pain and fear?  Anger is more often than not a fear response.

Men and women also express themselves differently. So men if you’re responding to your woman’s demands as a man there’s a good chance you’re misinterpreting the request.

Couples who attend sessions with me learn how to interpret requests better and so become closer.

Don’t leave it  – act now.  Before it is too late