Do you know what your partner needs?

passionkissToday I’m asking you the question:

Do you know what your partner needs to feel so you can both create lasting passion for your relationship?

It seems that most people believe that passion dies over time.  That any long-term relationship is bound to turn into just being close friends and that intimacy will go for good.

Why should that be?  Should intimacy be the sole right of the young or newly married?

The problem is that over time couples often forget to truly engage with each other. They lose the passion because other things can get in the way – work, children, even hobbies – and they stop focusing on each other the way they did when they first met or married.

For some there is a lack of trust.  Loss of trust is a true killer for feeling passionate, especially for women.   Most women need to feel protected and cherished to want loving sex.

Generally men need to feel they are the protector and the solver.  That they are the ‘hero’ for their woman.

Long lasting passionate relationships don’t just happen.  They need working at. And in this case the work is fun!

If you feel stuck, or that your relationship could or should have more passion, and  feel some guidance is needed then do get in touch.

The intimacy and passion in your relationship is still there – it’s just hiding for reasons that need investigating.