I need you because I love you

I need you because I love you is a world away, in relationship terms, from I love you because I need you.  Let me explain.

I need you because I love you

Here the prime driver is Love.  You need and want this person in your life because of your love for them.  The feeling of love you have created within yourself when you’re with them brings you joy and strength.

This applies to both sexes.

For men, it brings strength and protection and the knowledge that as love is the driving force they can achieve and solve issues when they arise.  If they find themselves lost on how to solve something they will frequently search for help from someone who knows.

For women, it’s that emotion of love which allows them to stay in their feminine energy and feel free.  They feel safe and protected – which in a relationship is vital.

I love you because I need you

A relationship built on this is totally different.  Need here is the prime driver.  Need becomes the issue when something is wrong.

For men, this can result in them become a pleaser or childlike as they need rather than love.  When this happens, it can be very unattractive for a woman, especially women with children.  The last thing they need in their life is another child.  This can also bring out the masculine energy in a woman.  She can become controlling.  Although a useful attribute in times of crisis if she stays in this place she can feel very unfulfilled.

Intimacy can suffer in either of these scenarios.

Women who have made need more important than love can also suffer.  Childlike behaviours can become the norm.  They can become over demanding for attention.

Which is your prime driver?

Think about what you are doing and how you are behaving in your relationship right now.  You may have switched drivers. If you aren’t sure or want to find out more then now might be the time to do so, especially if your relationship is suffering.