Give your relationship an emotional present

When you hit a crisis in your marriage or relationship it is easy to believe that nothing can be solved.  All you may want to do is to ‘run for cover’.

The world can feel as if it is spinning out of control and that you are powerless to do anything about it..  Events have taken over your life and now you feel scared and lost.  Stuck in a place of horror and emotional confusion.

This is especially true if you are facing betrayal by your partner.

Today I am asking you to take a leap of faith.

Give your relationship an emotional present

Decide right now to give yourself a 3 month window before you take any action which, in the long-term, could be ruinous to your future.  By having faith to allow yourself this time,  you open yourself up to more opportunities.  More solutions to your current crisis.  You can decide that what ever life throws at you (and it doers for most of us at some point) you can refuse to let it take over your life.  You can become master of your emotions and in so doing take away some of the emotional suffering you are currently experiencing.

None of us can truly control events that happen around us.  We are, however, able to choose how we respond.  By learning how to become responsible for our emotions we take responsibility for them.  By facing your fears you learn how to ride them out.

This is one of the things I ask my clients to do – especially if one partner has been badly hurt emotionally by the other.  I help you deal with your fears and so move into a more empowering state emotionally.  From this emotional place you will make the right decisions for you and your future and those of your family, rather than those based on hurt or fear which in the long-term could be the wrong ones.

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