We all get the same day!

We each get the same number of hours in the day (24) to do with as we wish.  The question I’m posing today is how are you going to spend the next 24?

You see a great deal of the time we spend wasting those precious hours going over past issues and problems – re-hashing the story in our minds and putting our own spin on what happened.  We can so easily create a whole lot of fiction based on how we felt at the time and then creating a story of how the other person felt and what they said and did – oh yes, and why!

For a start we have no clue on what they were thinking – only they know that!

You can’t know why your partner behaved the way they did.  You’re not them! Now take into account the mood you and they were in at the time and your version of what happened becomes even more distorted!

Moods and emotions play a very strong role in our every day lives.  You know full well that you can accidentally break a coffee mug on one day and just shrug your shoulders and yet on another, when you’re tired and irritable, it can be the final straw!

So it is for everyone else.

No one made you feel the way you did – only you did that. Understanding this is important as now you have choice and having choice means you have control.  The control is yours to use the best way you can – or not.  Which puts you in charge of you.

OK this all sounds very easy and so why aren’t we all going round hugging trees and being loving all the time!  Well life comes along and behaves in ways that does affect us.  Things happen that we don’t expect and bad times can appear which we don’t know how to handle.   We react because we have an inbuilt protection system, which is there to protect us from harm.

The question is deciding when the potential harm is genuine and when it isn’t.  When actually it’s only something our mind has created which might not be true.

Learning how to do this and how to protect yourself and give yourself the best possible outcomes so you can be in control of you in a myriad of situations gives you so many more choices on how you will spend your next 24 hours.

Will they be successful or will they be rather run-of-the-mill?

The choice is yours.

If you would like help on understanding how your internal dialogue works and why and how to give yourself the future you would love then do get in touch.