All relationships need growth

In today’s post I want you to think about this question: Have you planned for future growth? What does your future look like for you?

By this I mean your future with your partner.  Your future in your relationship.

Do you have a dream for your future?

When you first got together did you have a plan beyond getting married (or just being together) and maybe having children?

If your answer is Yes  – then my next question is “Are you still following your plan for your future?”

If your answer is No – then my next question is “Why not?”  What has happened for you to take your eye off your future?

You see if we don’t have a plan for our future then there is nowhere for our relationship to grow.  It needs to be heading somewhere.

So many couples don’t make many plans beyond the wedding day or possibly the intention to have children.  If you don’t have plans beyond that what happens when you’ve achieved those stages in your life?

I would totally agree that having children will occupy a great deal of time and energy. But you can still have plans and dreams during this time.

Did you both create a shared dream when you first married – something you both wanted to work towards?  If you never discussed it you might find that actually you had different ideas and wishes for your future.  Falling in love does not mean you automatically share the same dream for the future.  This doesn’t mean you can’t create a future now – one which will meet both your needs. You can share each other’s dreams and create a future which meets them all.

So often couples find their relationship together feels stagnant and without focus.  It’s down to both of you to find a focus and create growth in many areas within your relationship.

One of them is to have a plan and goals which you are working towards together.

Everyone should have a dream.

I see so many couples who have not thought about this.  As a result they feel their relationship has stagnated. They don’t really understand what each of them wants or needs and so battle to meet their own needs.  This can lead to conflict as one or both of them feels lost and confused by why they are together.

If you would like to learn more then please get in contact and find how to create your future together which is full of hope, fun and shared dreams and goals. One where you understand and have the tools to deal with life’s ups and downs.  One where you can help each other deal with those moments when life throws you a ‘rock in the road’.

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