Differences are key

One of the problems I hear time and time again in my sessions are complaints that “my partner doesn’t see life the same way as I do”.  They don’t behave in situations as you would do.  So clearly he or she is not compatible with me.

Guess what.  Why should they see life the way you do.  They aren’t you!  Just because they see things differently doesn’t mean they are wrong….. or right.

Learning how to understand and appreciate each other is key.  Understanding each other’s differences is key .  Learning to use each other’s differences to help a problem – is key.

One of the key skills needed to create a strong relationship and an unbreakable team.  If one of you feels demeaned by the other for what you see is a strength then you will feel hurt, misunderstood and rejected.  You should never stop being you in a relationship.  You should never demand your partner changes to meet your way of seeing the world.

Differences are key

Differences are a strength.  Once you understand your differences you have more information to build your future.  From here you can learn to love each other’s differences and provide back-up for each other’s weaknesses.  This has to be done from a position of giving love rather than criticism.

Learning how to do this is a skill.  One of the skills I help couples learn and develop.

There are many key factors that create a strong, loving, passionate relationship.  One that can reconnect never mind what has happened in the past.

Learning to appreciate and understand your differences is one.

If you would like to learn more on how to rekindle your relationship and put it back on the fast-track to success then please get in contact.