Connect with your True Identity

I see many couples and individuals in my sessions who have lost connection with their true identity.  Many say to me they’ve become someone they don’t like and have lost touch with the person they were.  This feeling of lost identity shows up in feeling stuck, lost, scared and, very frequently, resorting to behaviours that do nothing to help them or their partner.

My job in these situations is to help my client Connect with their True Identity. He or she then feels safe.  Safe to be who they are and so safe to explore their relationship with their partner and reconnect with them as they did when they first met – with the added bonus of growth in that relationship.

No relationship can survive unless both partners discover if they want to be a team working together for the growth and future of that relationship.

No relationship can survive unless each of you is aware of who you are and how you want to be.  If you are playing a part which leaves you feeling uncomfortable then you may believe that leaving the relationship is the only option. BUT then you are leaving a relationship in a distorted version of you rather than the true you.

Unless you connect with your true identity you cannot know if your relationship is the right one for you.  So often I hear of couples splitting up because one or both are scared, stuck, lost or confused and then months or years later wondering what caused them to run from a relationship which now, looking back, had so much going for it.

I realise that much of this post may leave you feeling confused and baffled!  That’s fine.  This is a confusing topic.  A topic which is rarely aired and hardly ever taught.

However, if you would like to learn more and discover how to be free to be who you are designed to be then give me a call.  You may well find that your stale relationship can be reignited and your future energised to give you what you both desire.