Commitment is key

All relationships will hit difficult times.  Those that not only survive but grow from those difficult times are the ones where both partners commit to growing – never mind what.

Commitment is key

So what do I mean by this?  What do you have to do when you find your relationship no longer makes you happy. When you believe you’ve done everything in your power to make it right. When you discover your partner has cheated on you. When you wonder if you actually love your partner. When you feel so hurt that you believe the only option is to leave.

You make a commitment to find out why.  You commit to finding out the real reasons rather than the beliefs you have created for yourself.

Couples who attend my sessions are helped to learn about themselves and each other at a much deeper level than they have ever done before. Only by doing this, in an environment which is safe, can each of them truly understand each other’s world.

Those couples who understand that commitment is key discover the real truth beyond the words and actions of their partner.

I cannot stress this enough.  The deeper your commitment to learn, to understand and to approach your life in a new way with new understandings, the faster you will be able to heal your relationship and take it to a more passionate level.

Many couples find this difficult to do on their own as the old arguments get in the way.  The hurts of the past come to the surface and one of both of you withdraws.  Feelings of ‘why bother’ or ‘what’s the point – nothing will change long term’ take hold and one or both of you gives up.

Learning how to avoid those pitfalls and making a key commitment to approach issues in a new way will open up a future where you can grow closer from arguments and so grow your relationship.

If you are struggling then please get in contact.