Commitment is key

One of the hardest issues couples face when their relationship is in crisis is creating the commitment to repair it.

If one of you is already looking for an exit then this commitment feels almost impossible to give.  You’ve already convinced yourself that the future with your partner is not going to give you what you want so why commit to a process which you believe will only prolong the agony.

Your partner is probably egging you on to attend which can make you feel even more trapped and you become keener than ever to ‘run for the hills’.  Why commit to a process which in your mind is doomed to fail!

As I wrote last week – we all need clarity.  The problem is without commitment clarity may be a tough thing to find.


Commitment will give you growth.  A need we all have in life to enhance our life experience – where we can develop.

Couples who come to me who are passionate to learn where they went wrong and how to repair the damage they have inflicted on each other reach clarity fast.  In a few months they can, and do, turn their lives around and discover how to connect with each other in a way – in some cases – they have never done.  They end up feeling closer than ever.

The commitment and passion to discover the truth, the clarity and the understandings gives them something they didn’t believe was possible.  The willingness to change behaviours and ‘do the homework’ is what I ask for.

My job is to work with you and give you the tools and understandings to allow you to reach this place of safety.

If you would like to learn more then please get in contact.  You too could discover the joy of repairing and growing your relationship.