When love is not enough…..

I have recently had the privilege and pleasure to work with a client coming through the issues of a failed on/off relationship. Sometimes two people are not meant for each other.  This was the case for them.  The reason he found success in his coaching experience so quickly was down to his … [Read more...]

She had almost given up hope

I have recently had the privilege of working with a client over the space of  just over one week. She sent me this email today which she has given permission to be published: Dear Linden When I first met you I instantly liked and trusted you which is something that I don’t ordinarily feel … [Read more...]

Life Coaching experience

One of my clients has been kind enough to write  about her experience of being coached by me. These are her words: When I went to Linden for life-coaching, I felt quite nervous at first, perhaps frightened. I was quite confused about what my problems were. Above all I thought she wouldn't be … [Read more...]