How concerned are you about your Relationship?

Relationship Tip Today I want you to ask yourself the question: How concerned am I about my Relationship? To help you answer this question and give you some indicators I am giving you an important Relationship Tip Exercise You'll need a couple of sheets of paper On the first sheet write … [Read more...]

The spark has gone

Many couples, and individuals, who attend my sessions tell me the spark has gone from their relationship.  They also tell me there is no way it's ever going to come back. They still love each other but the passion is dead.  And because the passion is dead and, in their minds, gone for good then … [Read more...]

One reason why couples fail each other

One reason why couples fail each other is they fail to listen to the underlying request when one of them is in emotional pain. The emotional pain may show itself in frustration, anger, irritation and even emotions like disdain and being patronising or condescending.  I've only mentioned a … [Read more...]

Valuing your differences is key to relationship success

Valuing your differences is so important in a relationship. When you first met you loved the special characteristics in each other.  However over time it is easy to lose sight of these special qualities and either become irritated, or resentful, that they are not like you  - or you attempt to … [Read more...]

Which is running you, fear or courage

Which is running you - Fear or Courage? Today I want to give you some pointers which could well be affecting your relationship, so I'm asking you the question: You see when we feel we aren't getting what we want from our relationship, and by this I mean a relationship which has been successful … [Read more...]