Is the Sexual Connection in your Relationship Right For You Both?

Many couples I see in my sessions have lost sexual connection.  Some tell me they have had no sexual connection or intimacy for years. They may have convinced themselves that sex and passion dies over time and so they shouldn't expect it to last.  If that works for both of you then that's fine.  There is no right or wrong unless one of you is feeling unloved or isolated.  When one of you is yearning for more sex then it is important to find ways to reconnect you both so both your needs and … [Read more...]

One Session is all it took

One session is all it took to turn a couple around from being on the verge of splitting up for good to creating an exciting future together. This young couple had come to me because both were fed up with the constant repetitive arguments which went nowhere.  Neither understood why. At the end of their two-hour session they had learnt where each of them was going wrong and why they had ended up stuck. They learnt how and why men and women communicate differently.   They learnt how to … [Read more...]

Do you know how to repair your relationship

Knowing what to do to repair your relationship  is a key skill for a long-lasting, loving and successful future.  One which grows from those moments when one or both of you feels misunderstood, not respected or unloved. So many couples I see come to me with a belief that a relationship which started so passionately should either remain so with little or no effort.  Or - and this is almost worse - that passion dies over time and 'that's life'. But part of them knows life doesn't have to be … [Read more...]

Every Couple Eventually Loses the Romance

Today I would like you to consider the title of this post: "Every Couple Eventually Loses the Romance" This is a rather depressing outlook on life but one that so many believe.  So much so that couples can, without realising it,  work towards this becoming a reality. If those words became part of the marriage vows I wonder what our reactions would be. "Not us!" many would say. Yet because the seed has been planted in so many brains by television, our parents, friends and colleagues, … [Read more...]

Mastering your reactions

Do you anticipate how your partner is going to react to something you need to say or do or do you actually wait to hear their response? Without consciously realising it we all anticipate how someone is going to react. This is based on previous behaviours and actions which we remember and so we can, without realising it, plan our exit or our strategy for getting what we want.  When a relationship is in crisis this can often exacerbate the problems rather than help. Some of the things I … [Read more...]