Which are you doing?

Relationships require positive action to keep them alive and passionate.  The problem most couples with relationship problems have is they don't know  which actions are positive, good ones and which are negative, bad ones. Men and women communicate in different ways and not understanding this and mis-interpreting what they are saying, can lead you into a mine-field of problems. My Question to you in today's post is: Which are you doing? Here are a few actions you may be taking which … [Read more...]

Men have needs too

In this day and age of equality it's become all too easy for women to decide we have to be good at everything. We don't need help - we can do it all ourselves. We can manage thank you very much!  We can open doors, carry our parcels, cope with a shopping trolley, 3 children (all screaming) and no we don't need help! Quite right we can but why would we want to? When a man offers to help, it's just that - he wants to help.  Why?  It makes him feel good, manly and of service. That what … [Read more...]

Successful Couples are doing this…..

The question I often here in my sessions is how come other couples are successful and we aren't? My job in helping couples out of crisis and into being a successful couple is to give them the tools to change their behaviours and reactions to each other - in an environment which is safe for them. So today I'm going to give you a few pointers and hence the heading of today's post Successful Couples are doing this..... They have learnt and have practised being open with each other.  … [Read more...]

You ARE special

Everyone is special in their own unique way. That includes you.  You ARE special. It's so easy to look at others and believe they are more intelligent, prettier, more handsome, funnier, more empathetic.... than you are. However we all have gifts, abilities and strengths -  there will be some thing you are brilliant at which leaves those around you in awe - but to you comes as 2nd nature! It's easy to see it in others isn't it.....  The brilliant business man, the wonderful singer, the … [Read more...]

Build resentments and your relationship will die

When couples finally seek help they have frequently already built a stack of resentments against their partner. They arrive in my sessions with their list of resentments which they have each created for themselves over the months and years. These resentments have taken hold in their consciousness and now they are living a life they don't like. Build resentments and your relationship will die They have stopped being the people they are supposed to be.  The people they were when they first … [Read more...]