What does success look like for you?

For this week's post I want to focus on what success means to you. You see it can mean different things to different people.  For some it's all about being the best.  Whatever that means!  And by the way 'best' will mean different things to different people. To others it means feeling … [Read more...]

Learn to understand your emotions

One of the skills successful couples have learnt is to understand their emotions and see they are there for a reason.  They have learnt to respond positively to each other's emotions - whatever they are. Emotions are information. So what do I mean.  Well they are very useful.  Some are there … [Read more...]

Partners who add value benefit each other

So what do I mean when I say you need to add value to each other By adding to your partner's experience of life and helping them achieve their goals then you bring something to your relationship rather than take. So many couples I see have failed to create long-term goals for themselves as … [Read more...]

How do you keep a relationship passionate?

Today's post applies to those couples who are struggling to keep their relationship passionate and connected at a deep level. I see so many couples in my sessions where one or both of them have retreated into themselves.  They have created a method of 'coping' with life and their relationship.  … [Read more...]

Relationship Tip: Give What They Need

Many couples I see tell me they are unable to give love to each other. However they still have feelings for each other.  They've developed patterns of behaviour which neither likes. The couple have created a stalemate. Neither is prepared to give until they see some effort by their partner.  But … [Read more...]