Couples who Succeed take Action

It is very easy for couples facing relationship issues to do nothing and adopt one of the following: take a 'fingers crossed' approach and hope that the problems will miraculously disappear keep discussing the same issues and end up with circular arguments which repeat and get you nowhere … [Read more...]

Commitment is key

One of the hardest issues couples face when their relationship is in crisis is creating the commitment to repair it. If one of you is already looking for an exit then this commitment feels almost impossible to give.  You've already convinced yourself that the future with your partner is not going … [Read more...]

Clarity is key

Couples who come to my sessions are frequently confused, hurt and lost.  Lost with how to solve their issues and looking for clarity - clarity that their current feelings are true. Clarity is Key A couple came to see me recently convinced their relationship was over but looking for confirmation … [Read more...]

Marriage Crisis – is it really too late

I'm frequently told by one partner that the problems are unsolvable and their marriage crisis is now too late to save. But is it? No two people in an unhappy relationship will see the problems in the same way.  Frequently one partner has been feeling unhappy for longer than the other.  To avoid … [Read more...]

Who is most important to you?

My question today is "Who is most important to you in your home?" When I ask this question in my sessions I'm frequently told - the children! So if you feel less important to your partner than your children how does that make you feel. A husband told me recently that he felt 'the bottom of … [Read more...]