New Year – New Opportunities

New Year's Resolutions are dominating the press right now so my post today is on this subject. Most of us view the New Year as an opportunity to take action in an area of our lives which we believe needs improvement or would like to change.  To lose weight, get fitter, gain weight, give up … [Read more...]

From tailspin to exciting future

I had the privilege of working with Mark over the last 3 months. Mark had become someone that he didn't particularly like in his attempts to rescue his marriage.  As a result his marriage had failed.  In the time he spent with me Mark has transformed his life and is now living his life as he … [Read more...]

Actions you can take for success

In my last two posts I gave you 20 tips to help you towards relationship success. Success is built by putting these, and other strategies, into action. The problem so many couples, I see, have is that they've left taking action until they are in a very unhappy place and it now seems so … [Read more...]

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

"Should I stay or should I go?" is a question I frequently get asked during a client's first session. They know they're not happy but the upheaval of a split seems more than they can deal with.  The consequences for the household seem overwhelming - so now they're stuck. Stuck in a marriage that … [Read more...]

Do you expect more than you’re getting?

When life doesn't seem to be delivering what you believe it should be on an emotional level who do you blame? Do you expect more than you're getting? Are you looking at those around you and believing them to be 'coming up short' on what you expect from them? These are some of the situations … [Read more...]