She had become imprisoned by her desire to give

She came to see me unhappy with her marriage, her home and what her future looked like to her.  She told me that she felt unloved, unappreciated, used and imprisoned. As we talked it became clear that she had an immense wish to give and make those around her happy.  She ran the house, doing all the chores, driving their children to whatever they wished to go.  In her words she had become a dogsbody for the entire family.  But she didn't want to 'rock the boat' and leave.  She felt helpless … [Read more...]

Are you talking yourself into a bad mood?

Today I would like you to ask you "Are you talking yourself into a bad mood without realising you're doing so.?" Language and the words we use play a big part on how we feel and what state we're in at any given moment. A car screams past you and then cuts you up.  Do you get angry or do you smile and find their behaviour amusing The person in front of you at the checkout can't find her credit card and you have to stand and wait whilst she sorts out her problem.  Do you find your … [Read more...]

New Year – New Opportunities

New Year's Resolutions are dominating the press right now so my post today is on this subject. Most of us view the New Year as an opportunity to take action in an area of our lives which we believe needs improvement or would like to change.  To lose weight, get fitter, gain weight, give up smoking, cut down on alcohol, improve our relationship with our partner...  The list is endless and depends on you and your desires. The problem is that unless we replace the habit or behaviour we want … [Read more...]

From tailspin to exciting future

I had the privilege of working with Mark over the last 3 months. Mark had become someone that he didn't particularly like in his attempts to rescue his marriage.  As a result his marriage had failed.  In the time he spent with me Mark has transformed his life and is now living his life as he should.  He has given himself challenges and has already succeeded in several. He has been kind enough to let me know about his experience and share it with you: I was in a very dark place when I found  … [Read more...]

Actions you can take for success

In my last two posts I gave you 20 tips to help you towards relationship success. Success is built by putting these, and other strategies, into action. The problem so many couples, I see, have is that they've left taking action until they are in a very unhappy place and it now seems so difficult and, in some couples' view - pointless. I understand this.  You don't believe that by taking action your partner will understand or react differently than before.  You are certain that nothing … [Read more...]