Be Kind to your Partner

Today I want to ask you this question: “Are you being kind to your Partner?”.  I am sure when you both met you were wonderfully kind to your partner.  You loved and cherished those moments you had together; you listened to their life stories; you learnt about each other.

If you are surfing my website then my guess is things aren’t so good these days.  Something has gone wrong.

It is easy to be kind to our partner when everything is going well.  It is a different matter when you feel you have lost that important connection.  The close bond you thought you would have forever.

Relationships, and by this I mean long lasting relationships, need work.  They need understanding of yourself and understanding your partner.  In the way each of you needs to be understood.

How you communicate with your partner is key.

Be Kind when you speak to your Partner

Kindness is key.  Be gentle in your tone of voice.  Be kind in the words you use and above all be kind in how you look at them.  When we hurt it is so easy to resort to harsh words, spoken harshly and with anger in our demeanour.  This will probably put your partner on the defensive – unless they truly understand you.

Be aware if you are hurting then so is your partner.

With this in mind become emotionally intelligent and use all your resources to convey your feelings to them in a way they will appreciate you and still love you.

Be Kind when you Listen to your Partner

Learning to listen to each other is another key skill.  Make it your mission to listen to learn rather than just listen.

Key Skills to a successful relationship

If you want to learn how to turn your relationship around and create a long-lasting, loving connection with your partner then join those who have taken those special steps before you and come and learn.  Please get in touch.