Be in Harmony with your Partner

Being and living in harmony with your partner does not mean you have to be passive.   But living in harmony takes skill.

A skill that’s not taught in our schools!   A skill that some find by accident but one that so many don’t.  A skill that should be taught, in the same way we are taught other skills at school.

So many relationships and marriages fail not because the couple is incompatible but because they have no idea how to get the best from each other and so from their partnership.

I find it so sad to see couples taking the divorce route because they genuinely believe their marriage has no future. They are no longer communicating. They feel unloved, misunderstood, no longer heard, no longer appreciated and so feel isolated in their relationship.  A relationship which once held such hope and such promise.  One or both of them has attached the pain they are experiencing to their partner rather than to the fact they are ill-equipped to fix the issues.

Men and women are different. Yes OK I know they are different physically but there is so much more to it than that.  Men and women interpret situations differently, they communicate differently, they have different needs.  They use different words.

How would it be if you could really understand the meaning and intentions behind your partner’s words and actions?  What would it be like if you knew how to give to your partner in a way that totally met their needs –  in the way they needed them to be met?  How would it be if your partner also understood and knew how to do the same?

Life would be very different if the harmony you both desire suddenly became something you could focus on and achieve. That harmony no longer was something you found difficult or hard to grasp.

So what is Harmony

Harmony could be described as the ability to understand each other at a deeper level.  To know that your interpretation of what’s happening may not be the same as your partner’s.  It’s appreciating their own interpretation of what’s going on.  Understanding the underlying request when they may be angry or hurt.

If you are finding living in harmony difficult and would like to know more on how to turn your marriage around, then before you take the steps you currently feel are inevitable towards divorce, do the opposite and find out how to live in harmonious success.