Linden Porter

Specialist, solution-based Relationship Coach

Linden Porter is one of a select number of Strategic Intervention coaches in the UK specialising in Relationship Coaching for couples and individuals with marriage or relationship problems.

She has clients from all over the UK and from all walks of life. These include lawyers, doctors and other medical professionals, business and finance managers, entrepreneurs, psychologists, commercial pilots, and their partners.

Linden teaches her clients new skills which enable them to respond to problems and challenges in ways each partner understands.  This helps them grow as a couple and become a team together.

Linden is a qualified coach and has studied with some of the leading professionals in the field of change-management.  She has studied a variety of disciplines as she believes in having as many approaches as possible to help her clients.

Over the last 7+ years it is clear that no single solution fits all. Everyone is different and so different approaches are needed to help people reach their goals.

Linden has core techniques at her finger tips, including strategic intervention, NLP, breakthrough training, marriage and relationship coaching, conversational hypnosis, time-line management, and specialist training in working with women. She has studied with some of the greats in these fields.

My Belief and Mission:

 I have a total belief in my clients’ desire and ability to work through their challenges and transform their lives.

My mission is to give them the tools to work through this process as quickly as possible.

It is an immense privilege to work with them.

To your wonderful future happiness and fulfilment

Linden Porter